1. The clinic is added on the catalogue page – "Hospitals" section.
    You need to enter the page of the city (settlement) and use the "Add a clinic" page.
  2. The new clinic will appear in the main catalogues after passing the moderation.


The database may include countries, regions, subregions and settlements which have no information on the clinics yet. They are visible to the registered users only and are shown as grey links so that you could enter the links and add the clinic.

In case the site does not have the city, region or country you need, you may send a request to the site administration using the links:

  • "Add Country";
  • "Add Region";
  • "Add Subregion";
  • "Add Settlement",

Included in the "Hospitals" section.

Note than when filling the Add Country request you will be asked to enter the whole “chain” – country, region, subregion, city/town, when filling in the Add Region request – region, subregion, city/town etc.

After the request is moderated and the settlement you need is included in the "Hospitals" section, you may return to adding the clinics.

INTERHOSPITAL places information on any medical institution of any country: regional, district, municipal, village hospitals, ambulance rooms and rural health posts.

Information about hospitals shall contain their precise coordinates.
Coordinates in format:

We think that the information may be useful for people in expeditions, travellers as well as those who are on long business trips.

You need to give the coordinates that are maximally useful during emergency situation – if the hospital is large and has many entrances, state coordinates of the reception department (emergency aid department), if the hospital is located in the forest and is not visible from the road, then state the necessary turn.
A person must be able to find the hospital at night in a heavy rain.

Please state the round-the-clock telephone number if any, i.e. that of the reception department.

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