We invite all university clinics and state hospitals to join the INTERHOSPITAL project.

State hospitals shall be meant as hospitals of any state that are financed from the budget, including regional and municipal ones.

The participation in the INTERHOSPITAL project for such hospitals is absolutely free and will always remain free.
The only condition is the placement of the link to the INTERHOSPITAL Project on the webpage of your clinic. If your clinic has no site yet you may omit this condition.

The project participants receive a website for their clinic which they manage on their own using the original site management system (CMS), developed by INTERHOSPITAL specialists. The maintenance of the site is performed without special knowledge of programming and the html-layout.

The site includes:

Contact phones and the address of your clinic.

The Correspondence section – applications for treatment from patients and correspondence with the site administration.

Sections on medical aid types – "Polyclinic", "Hospital", "Diagnostics" etc. as well as the pages "Administration", "Information about the Clinic" and "Contacts".

In the sections you may state the specialties of doctors admitting patients in your clinic.

The page of a specialist shall include detailed information:

  • The telephone number and business hours of the specialist;
  • Employees of the department;
  • Equipment (the section is under development);
  • Diagnoses;
  • Examination;
  • Treatment;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • The price list for the specialist's services.

All the subsections have “reference sections” that allow to select the necessary information, and optional text boxes for entering miscellaneous information. References are translated into supported languages.

Example of the page:    Cardiac surgery at the Medicine clinic

As a result you get an accomplished website in five languages with full constant control and the possibility to edit it on your own, but it is not the most important part. The most important is that the information about specialists of your clinic will be entered in the pages "Overview of treatment options", which evokes the greatest interest of the patients and formation of which is the main goal of the project.

Example of the page:    Pulmonology in Moscow (Hospital)


  1. Use the "Add a clinic" interface — Add the clinic to the main catalogue
  2. After the application is moderated and the clinic is added to the main catalogue, write to the administrator about your wish to join the Project using the link on the clinic page "Hospital CMS – Administrator Access".

    The letter shall include:
    • The registration number of the license for medical services – if necessary in your country.
    • Your personal data – only for the site administration – full name, medical specialty, position in the clinic.
    • Your contact phone – optional.
    We will process your application as soon as possible. The response is to be found in the "Correspondence" section. You will be notified about the response by e-mail.

The system you will use is in the beta-test stage. Please inform the site administration about all the faults and errors. We hope for your understanding.

We will be glad to accept any proposals and wishes regarding the project operation.

Administration of the INTERHOSPITAL website.

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