INTERHOSPITAL accepts from doctors authentic materials for publication in the "Articles" section:

  • Articles for doctors of any specialties;
  • Articles for paramedical workers;
  • Scientific articles on medical topics.

You may send your article, previously published in a journal, lecture written for nurses, material from a scientific leaflet or write on the method used in your clinic exclusively for INTERHOSPITAL.
The only condition is that the article shall not have previous Internet publications.

On our part, we:

  1. Create the section for your clinic.
  2. On the page of your room/department we state your contact data. It is possible to include the mobile phone number.
  3. Sign the article:
    Doctor ....... Department ....... Hospital .......
    The signature is made as a link to the page of your department (clause 2).

You receive the ever-lasting advertising material. In case you change the clinic, we will make relevant amendments.

Currently we admit articles from doctors working in clinics of all forms of ownership, both private and public.

Note: we do not include the outbound links in the articles.

Administration of the INTERHOSPITAL site.

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